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Faced with ever-rising costs, the loss of government funding, and an increasing demand for their services, charities are responding by asking for larger contributions from more donors.

DidiCash has a unique way of helping doners help thier Charity. The Endowment Card. The cost to get started is, nothing. The cost to maintain the program is, nothing. The Endowment card pays you, the charity! By offering the card to your members and doners we pay you everytime they use the card at one of the Endowment card merchant locations. There are no extra cost for the use of this card. This card is a Discover debit card issued by us for your doners.

The program can be setup in many diffrent ways for giving. The charity can keep the total amount we pay or it can be split any way you wish.

First a card must be issued. Then the card must be funded. When the card holder is ready to use the card they must locate one of our merchant locations nationwide. Once they have paid for the services or product, they use the Endowment card to pay for it. We verify the funds and pay the merchant. There is a percentage of the tranaction that we pay the charity, normaly it is what ever the local tax is at the merchant location where the Endowment card was used.

To give you an example: if the total bill without taxes or tips is $100.00 and the local tax at the merchant location is 8.25% we will fund $8.25 to the card. Once we fund the card we will remove the funds from the card holder account and transfer the funds to the proper charity account. This way the transaction is a 501c charitable tranasction.

More Info

For more information on these programs please contact our sales department!


  • Disposable or reloadable

  • Branded with a Discover logo or EFT network such as NYCE
  • ATM and POS terminal access
  • Optional expiration date
  • Custom card design available
  • Instant issue available for non-branded ATM card only
  • Card carrier with PIN number available
  • Value added through Internet, VRU, or batch transmission
  • Activity and balance information available through Internet or VRU

Consumer Benefits

  • Easier to carry and present than checks or cash
  • Convenient way to obtain cash at ATMs
  • Alternative to traveler's checks, money orders, and cashier's checks
  • Safer than carrying cash

Issuer Benefits

  • Opportunity to earn additional interchange for every signature merchant purchase
  • Additional revenue opportunities
  • Card fees
  • Transaction fees
  • Expired funds
  • Strengthen existing customer relationships
  • Turnkey program setup and management
  • Product can solidify other business processing relationships

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