Customer Gift Card Programs

Using cards to retain customers & increase shopping frequency

Gift Cards have been around since 1995, and since that time, their popularity has exploded. Today, more than 70% of all retailers offer Gift Cards. By 2007, the U.S. Gift Card market will total $70 billion. The trend is the same in Canada. Almost a third of Canadian consumers say they are motivated to shop at merchants because they offer Gift Cards. 61% of Canadians have received a Gift Card; when they redeem it, about half spend more than its initial value.

On average, customers will spend about $200 on Gift Cards a year. And they’re buying them frequently, about 5.6 Cards per year, 365 days a year. It quickly adds up to a staggering sales advantage. In today’s convenience-driven world, Gift Cards are a great way to shop – and an even better way to profit.

Increased sales are one of the biggest benefits of offering Gift Cards. Here are some sales possibilities:

  • Extend your product line. Gift Cards are “new merchandise” that you can sell to your existing customers, effectively extending your product line. Companies have reported that Gift Cards are their number 1 or 2 sellers.
  • Increase impulse purchases. Placed strategically in your store (e.g. at the cash), Gift Cards increase impulse purchases dramatically.
  • Encourage new business. Consumers who might otherwise not shop at your establishment will come in and buy a Card for someone else.
  • Gain loyal customers. The recipients of Gift Cards may also become loyal customers, returning for other purchases after their initial visit to redeem the Card.
  • Customers spend more. Many customers who redeem Gift Cards actually spend more than the value of the Card.
  • Sell more items at full price. 40% of Gift Card shoppers will purchase items at full price (compared to just 16% using other payment methods.)

Retain the unused portion. What happens if the Gift Card is never redeemed or it has an outstanding balance? You still win. The unused value stays in your account after the Card expires. Any way you look at it, Gift Cards add up to increased top line revenue.

WEB Reports. we supplies custom-sorted reports that are available in multiple formats and contain information such as transaction date and time, dollar amount, location, card number, cashier id, and transaction description.

Reports available include transaction history by location or group of locations, single card history, liability by date, liability history, value remaining on cards issued during any user-defined timeframe, active cards, and funds movement by location in a franchised environment. Reports are available for viewing on-line.

Each system is installed with a quick link to the Internet where important statistics and tracking information are instantly accessible. Our reports give you an at-a-glance overview of your entire gift card program.


  • Disposable or reloadable

  • Branded with a Discover logo or EFT network such as NYCE
  • ATM and POS terminal access
  • Optional expiration date
  • Custom card design available
  • Instant issue available for non-branded ATM card only
  • Card carrier with PIN number available
  • Value added through Internet, VRU, or batch transmission
  • Activity and balance information available through Internet or VRU

Consumer Benefits

  • Easier to carry and present than checks or cash
  • Convenient way to obtain cash at ATMs
  • Alternative to traveler's checks, money orders, and cashier's checks
  • Safer than carrying cash

Issuer Benefits

  • Opportunity to earn additional interchange for every signature merchant purchase
  • Additional revenue opportunities
  • Card fees
  • Transaction fees
  • Expired funds
  • Strengthen existing customer relationships
  • Turnkey program setup and management
  • Product can solidify other business processing relationships

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