As a business owner you know how much it costs to advertise – you have to create commercials, buy time on your local TV and radio stations; you might put up a billboard or an ad in your local newspaper or yellow pages. That costs a lot of money and in the end, how do you know it reaches the target you’re after?

Did you know it takes ten times more effort (and money) to acquire a new customer for your business than to keep an existing one.The reason the cost is so low for existing customers is due in large part to the increasing trend in rewards programs

DidiCash gives you the power to market directly to your customers with a suite of customized marketing tools and reports with powerful customer spending and demographic information.

Customers who belong to a rewards and loyalty programs visit that merchant, on average, twice as often and spend four times as much money as a customer who is not a member of a reward or loyalty program. Furthermore, researchers at Harvard have found that if you increase repeat visits by 5%, you can raise your profits anywhere from 25 to 125%.

There are two main types of programs we can provide to our merchants.

1. Merchant Funded Rewards and Loyalty!

A.) We bring customers to you is part of the program.

We have organizations nationwide that participate in our card issuance programs. Most of these organizations are charitable organizations with thousands of members. These organizations direct their members to participate in our programs and with our merchants. We bring customers to you and advertised for you at no upfront cost or monthly cost. We only charge our merchants when one of our customers comes to your location and spends money.

This is done when one of our customers brings one of our cards or one of our coupons to your location. Your location could be a physical location or an online location. when that customers card or coupon is used at your location we are notified electronically that the transaction has occurred. There are two types of transactions, and open loop transaction or a close looped transaction. a open loop transaction is when one of our branded prepaid debit cards are used at your location. A closed loop transaction is when you are using the Internet to log on to our systems to complete a transaction. These transactions can also be done with the use of a mobile device such as a smart phone.

B.) You provide your own customers is also part of the program.

We can provide online access to our loyalty and rewards systems for your customers. You can build many programs with multiple types of functions by using our online system. We will charge you only for the transactions that you do. These programs consist of reward programs, loyalty programs and many more including gift card programs. Please ask one of our consultants for more information on how these programs will benefit you and your store. More Info


1. Merchant setup to sell Pre-Paid Products!

We provide you with online access to our virtual terminal. Inside are virtual terminal we provide services like Bill payment, prepaid cellular phone, electricity, gas, prepaid debit cards, Pre-Paid Phone cards,gift cards, loading funds on to prepaid cards and many more services.

Rewards / Loyalty

Providing merchant funded reward and loyalty programs can benefit your customers as well as the customers we will be sending to your location..



Merchant Services

Providing services that the merchant can make money offering to thier customers. Listed below are a list of those services. Merchant Store.



Our Services



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