Prepaid Payroll Cards

There are over 30 million "un-/ under-banked" employees in the US.
US companies are spending $750 million a year printing checks for employees who don't have a bank account.
DidiCash Prepaid Payroll Card: helping employers (and employees) save money and time, and gain control. For your company

Low Cost

- Eliminates
- Purchasing, storing and signing payroll checks
- Issuing and delivering payroll checks
- Replacing lost or stolen checks
- Reconcilling the payroll disbursement account
- No statement fees
- Continue to receive interest on payroll funds


Security & Efficiency

- Reduce employer payroll indentiy theft
- Mitigates risk and minimizes fraud
- Pay as frequently as you like, even daily
- Real-time management and downloadable web reporting

Private Labeled Cards

- Customer designed cards and other value-added program features For your employees


Not a credit card

- No credit checks
- No bank account required
- Cannot overdraw account

Less expensive than

- Check cashing facilities
- Fees on low-balance bank accounts

Security and convenience

- Eliminates risk of having paychecks stolen
- Receive pay at ATMs worldwide
- Pay bills

These programs are easy, convenient and inexpensive to administer with DidiCash technology.




  • Disposable or reloadable

  • Branded with a Discover logo or EFT network such as NYCE
  • ATM and POS terminal access
  • Optional expiration date
  • Custom card design available
  • Instant issue available for non-branded ATM card only
  • Card carrier with PIN number available
  • Value added through Internet, VRU, or batch transmission
  • Activity and balance information available through Internet or VRU

Consumer Benefits

  • Easier to carry and present than checks or cash
  • Convenient way to obtain cash at ATMs
  • Alternative to traveler's checks, money orders, and cashier's checks
  • Safer than carrying cash

Issuer Benefits

  • Opportunity to earn additional interchange for every signature merchant purchase
  • Additional revenue opportunities
  • Card fees
  • Transaction fees
  • Expired funds
  • Strengthen existing customer relationships
  • Turnkey program setup and management
  • Product can solidify other business processing relationships




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