DidiCash is the safe and convenient way to manage and access your money when and where you need it. It’s got all the convenience and security of a credit card, except it’s pre-loaded with your own money so you can track your spending and stay in control of your finances.

DidiCash platform, supports a variety of card and emerging payment programs with unique technology, with many engagement tools and loyalty options. It empowers you to keep your programs meaningful and differentiated – keys to building sustainable, profitable programs. , we give you direct, real-time control over your programs enabling you to optimize offerings for the greatest return on investment.

Pre-Paid Programs

DidiCash has many types of Pre-Paid programs. For a better understanding please click on the link below. DidiCash knows we are the company for you! We have a wide range of products for everyone!



Reward Programs

If you’re a business, it’s hard to compete unless you have a rewards program. DidiCash supports a business ecosystem that can benefit the bottom lines of all involved.



Loyalty Programs

The right partners can make all the difference in the dynamics of your Loyalty program. The change of approach can result in new opportunities to engage customers, and motivate them to spend again.



Gift Card Programs

DidiCash Gift Cards offer more then any other card company you will ever find. We will meet your needs and provide you with more then you could ever ask for!

Gift Cards


Charitable Programs

When you choose to give, you support organizations working to advance society in different ways. DidiCash gives you support to help in your belives and wants for others.



Merchant Programs

As a business owner you know how much it costs to advertise. DidiCash bring customers to you with no upfront or monthly cost. Our proven programs will incress your income!.





Our Services



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