Customer Reward ProgramsThe way it works!

The way this program works is as a DidiCash card holder you locate a merchant member. You use your card there at the members location to pay for your purchase. The member swipes your card we verify the funds and we make a post to your account with the transaction. Once a week we settle with our merchants, once we receive the negotiated funds from our membered merchant we deposit those funds into your card account.

The average amount that you will be paid usually is equal to the local tax rate at the merchant location that you are using. If the merchants tax rate is 8 1/2% and your total bill was $100 not counting tax, you will receive $8.50 on your purchase. This will vary depending on the program. You will also receive a text message to your phone about this transaction.

For any questions please contact DidiCash, thank you!

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Rewards / Loyalty

Providing merchant funded reward and loyalty programs can benefit your customers as well as the customers we will be sending to your location..



Merchant Services

Providing services that the merchant can make money offering to thier customers. Listed below are a list of those services. Merchant Store.





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